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Chiropractic Pinole CA Personal Injury

We will gladly work with you and look forward to developing a relationship with you that is in the best interest of your client and our patient. Please feel free to call our office with any questions or concerns that you may have about personal injury in Pinole.

Personal Injury in Pinole

Our first goal is to get the patient/client feeling better and living a life free of pain. That starts with making sure the patient meets their appointments. Our second goal is to make sure they are co-managed with other health professionals and/or referred to the appropriate doctor or for additional testing such as MRI or CT scan if clinical signs and symptoms dictate. Our third goal is to make sure our patient is happy with their care and their personal injury attorney and to know that they are very well taken care of by both!

How we can Help

  • Auto Injury and Motorcycle Liens accepted
  • Slip and Fall Liens accepted
  • We will provide a detailed chart note documentation.
  • We will refer out for MRI or CT if/when patients show clinical signs/symptoms of clinical necessity.
  • We will refer to other physician specialists when the patient shows clinical necessity, ie) pain management doctors, neurologists, orthopedic consultation, etc.
  • We follow injury treatment protocols that are peer-reviewed and evidenced-based.
  • We use daily functional capacity questions and questionnaires.
  • If requested, a final doctor's report which can include future medical necessity can be provided after client care is completed.


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